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Nous mettons à votre disposition un répertoire des conférences, des cours et des autres possibilités de formation continue à venir qui portent sur les méthodes et les politiques liées à la santé environnementale. Nous acceptons avec joie les suggestions concernant toute activité à venir qui est pertinente pour la communauté des intervenants en santé environnementale et qui ne figure pas dans la présente ressource. Les activités sont décrites dans la ou les langues correspondantes.

  • janv. 10 2019

    Cascadia 2019: Occupation Environment Population Health [seulement en anglais]

    at 09:30 Type d'emplacement: En personne

    This intimate conference provides faculty, staff and students a forum to share new ideas and current or evolving research through plenary sessions, short (20-minute) podium presentations, ignite presentation (5 min) and posters, small group discussions, and socializing.

  • janv. 17 2019

    Communicating data for health equity action [seulement en anglais]

    at 13:00 EST Sujets: Surveillance en santé environnementale, équité Type d'emplacement: En ligne

    This webinar is part of a series designed for members of the Public Health Physicians of Canada (PHPC) and delivered by the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health. The webinar is open to anyone who would like to attend.? ? Learning Objectives: ? Participants will be able to: ? Understand health equity indicators and how to integrate into health status reporting Apply practices for...

  • févr. 06 2019

    Wildfire Smoke: A Growing Threat to Air Quality and Public Health [seulement en anglais]

    at 09:00 HNP Sujets: Air, Climat, Feux de forêt, Air extérieur Type d'emplacement: En personne Emplacement: Vancouver, BC

    Wildfires are becoming more frequent and intense as the global climate changes. Smoke from these fires causes episodes of the worst air quality that many populations will ever experience, sometimes lasting for weeks or months. The first part of the proposed workshop is intended to summarize the current state of the evidence on wildfire smoke generation, composition, toxicity, exposure assessment...

  • avr 27 2019

    2019 CARST Radon Conference [seulememt en anglais]

    at 08:30 Sujets: Radon. Type d'emplacement: En personne Emplacement: Saskatoon, SK

    The annual CARST Conference is known for its positive upbeat atmosphere, great presentations and excellent opportunities for learning, networking and connecting with vendors.? And of course for the Radon Olympics, which return this year for their third appearance!